A Lifelong Relationship Rooted in

Performance & Trust


We seek to provide you with investment methods and techniques that help to preserve principal through financial security. We believe in a steady path without excessive risk or potentially inconsistent returns. Our goal is a retirement strategy aligned with your lifestyle.

The Advisors

  • Sam Duell

    Sam Duell


    Sam Duell is the owner and lead Investment Advisor Representative at Duell Financial Strategies. He has 15 years of experience in the insurance, annuity, and investment advisory industry. Sam offers a unique perspective regarding many individuals’ retirement concerns, having been a business owner and employer for many years. He believes that the one-size-fits-all mentality that permeates the financial services industry today is at best inappropriate and at worst dangerous to financial planning consumers preparing for retirement.

    From the first day that Sam opened his business he has remained an independent advisor. He is not beholden to any outside company and is free to pick and choose the companies, products, and strategies that best fit his client’s needs. This freedom allows him to focus his allegiance and his fiduciary responsibility on you – the client.

  • Andrea

    Andrea "Andi" Schooler-Duell

    Co-Owner and Advisor

    Andi was born and raised in Chico, California. She has been working in the financial services industry for 14 years with experience in fixed annuities, health, and life insurance. Andi has a strong desire to cultivate relationships while providing the financial tools you need to help you reach your goals. She has a passion for educating and reaching women.

  • Luke VanAbel

    Luke VanAbel


    Luke Van Abel joined the team back in 2012 and has held a variety of positions within the company. He moved into an associate advisor role in 2015. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business and finance. He is dedicated to helping clients on the path toward financial security and independence as they plan for their retirement years.

    Luke holds FINRA 65 license along with Life and Health licenses.

    Luke has been married to his wife, Michelle, since 2005 and has two daughters, Joy and Sariah.

  • Abbie Dumke

    Abbie Dumke

    Client Services Coordinator

    Abbie was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. Abbie helps complete client paperwork and applications, and she makes sure everyone is thoroughly taken care of.

  • Nicole Valencic

    Nicole Valencic

    Client Services Coordinator

    Nicole is responsible for coordinating activities in relation to our clients’ accounts, such as transfers of assets and updates to personal information. She also ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of service.

  • Rick Llamas

    Rick Llamas

    Director of Public Relations

    Rick was born and raised in Southern California and is responsible for the overall client experience. He handles everything from client communications and planning of client events to data analysis and business planning practices. When he is not at work, Rick enjoys spending quality time with his son Dominic.

  • Yvonne Cox

    Yvonne Cox

    Director of First Impressions

    Yvonne is the newest team member and loves all things Wisconsin. She is the first face you will see when coming into the office and ensures the daily operations of the office flow efficiently throughout the day. Yvonne enjoys spending time with her husband, Gerald, and their two children.

  • Eva


    Office Mascot

    Andi rescued Eva from a Northern California Doberman rescue, and she is approximately 10 years old.  Eva enjoys running, playing, and meeting new people, especially those that are willing to give her attention

  • Grace


    Rescue puppy from Texas found wandering in a field. Texas is a high kill state. They got her from an organization in Texas that brings up 8 or so dogs every other week.


In Memory of Jack

Jack, our beloved yellow lab, passed in August. A staple of the Duell Financial Strategies office, Jack loved meeting new people and playing with Eva.

Smart and eager to please, Jack was more than happy to perform one or all of his tricks for anyone willing to watch - especially for those who brought him treats.

Justin rescued Jack from Chilton Humane Society. Jack and his mother were found on the streets of Chilton. At that time, he suffered from a broken hind leg. However, Jack’s history of abuse and neglect did not affect his capacity to love.

Jack was a member of our family and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.