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March 31st 11am CST – Travel In The Post Covid World
Join Luke and Jeff as they discuss travel in the post Covid world. Jeff is a local travel agent having served this area for the past eight years. Jeff will discuss how travel has changed and what you can expect if you are traveling in this post Covid environment.
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April 28th 11am CST – Are Annuities Bad?
Sam and Luke welcome you to a discussion about annuities. You learn: the differences between Variable, Fixed and Income annuities. What annuities do and what they don’t do. How advisors are paid and the conflicts of interest. Social Security and Pensions are annuities, so why so much negative press, and is it justified?
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May 26th 11am CST – Wills, Trusts, Beneficiaries..Oh My!
Join us in welcoming a special guest from Hooper Law Office to talk about estate planning. Do I need a will? Does a trust make sense for our family? Should I be updating my beneficiaries? Sam and Luke will facilitate this discussion that goes through some basics of estate planning and some practical information to help you get started on organizing or reviewing your current estate plan.
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June 30th 11am CST – 3 Risks of Retirement
Join Sam and Luke as they discuss the 3 biggest risks faced by retirees. What is sequence of returns risk and how does it affect my retirement? What is withdrawal rate risk? Longevity risk, am I spending more that my nest egg can support?
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July 28th 11am CST – What is Medical Massage?
Have you ever heard of medical massage? Join us for a special webinar with Jill Anderson of Body Innervation Massage. Jill is an educator, owner, and practitioner of her craft and can’t wait to tell you all about it and how it could benefit you.
August 25th 11am CST – Mutual Funds vs. EFT’s, Which is Better?
Join Luke and Sam as they explain the difference between different investment vehicles. What are 12-b-1 fees? What are phantom gains? How do the investment expenses stack up for different choices. We will answer all these questions and more.
September 29th 11am CST – Medicare and Health Insurance
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October 27th 11am CST – Social Security
Join Luke and Sam as we welcome a Social Security expert to explain some of the different strategies you have available in electing to receive SS benefits. When should I turn on my benefits? How do I maximize my benefits? We will answer these questions and more.
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