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Give Us A Call: (866) 203-7486
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July 29th 11am CST – What is Medical Massage?
Have you ever heard of medical massage? Join us for a special webinar with Jill Anderson of Body Innervation Massage. Jill is an educator, owner, and practitioner of her craft and can’t wait to tell you all about it and how it could benefit you.
August 26th 11am CST – Mutual Funds vs. EFT’s, Which is Better?
Join Luke and Sam as they explain the difference between different investment vehicles. What are 12-b-1 fees? What are phantom gains? How do the investment expenses stack up for different choices. We will answer all these questions and more.
September 30th 11am CST – Medicare and Health Insurance
October 28th 11am CST – Social Security
Join Luke and Sam as we welcome a Social Security expert to explain some of the different strategies you have available in electing to receive SS benefits. When should I turn on my benefits? How do I maximize my benefits? We will answer these questions and more.

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