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January 28th 11am CST – 5 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor
Sam Duell and Luke VanAbel from Duell Financial Strategies host a free webinar letting you know the top five questions to ask a financial advisor.
Sam and Luke discuss the things they feel that everyone should know about how the financial industry works. We will discuss how advisors, brokers, fiduciaries, and agents are different and the 5 best accountability questions to ask a financial professional.
February 25th 11am CST – Taxes…We All Deal with Them
Taxes may not sound all that exciting on the surface, however, we have just experienced some of the largest tax reform in years. Are you paying too much? How will this affect retirement? Is there anything I should be changing because of the tax reform? Is this the right time to think about a Roth conversion? Sam and Luke will cover all of these questions and more.
March 25th 11am CST – Mobility in Retirement
Jack Bower, the owner of Erickson Auto Trim in Menasha, joins us for our monthly webinar to answer all of your questions about mobility in retirement.
April 29th 11am CST – Are Annuities Bad?
Sam and Luke welcome you to a discussion about annuities. You learn: the differences between Variable, Fixed and Income annuities. What annuities do and what they don’t do. How advisors are paid and the conflicts of interest. Social Security and Pensions are annuities, so why so much negative press, and is it justified?

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