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Crafting the Complete
Financial Picture
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Your financial plan depends on your ideal future. To better understand that future, we need to create a comprehensive picture of your assets, including how those assets interact with one another. If necessary, we can refer you to tax professionals or attorneys in our network to advise you on aspects of your financial plan.

Retirement Planning

The concept of the traditional retirement has changed, and retirement planning must change with it. Today, people are living longer and they need to plan for that additional time.

At Duell Financial Strategies, we’ll help you develop a financial strategy with the potential to last 30 years and helps to mitigate unexpected investment loss. Our goal is to help you create a plan that allows for long-term growth and can guarantee income throughout your retirement.

Wealth Accumulation

Time doesn’t stand still, and neither does money​

The sooner you start investing, the more time you have to grow your wealth, but remember as you age, you will want to move to more conservative strategies.

We can help you determine what options work best for your portfolio and how you can protect your wealth through retirement asset diversity.

Estate Planning

Creating a plan for distribution of your assets after you are gone will save your loved ones time and possibly heartache. An estate plan ensures that your wishes are fulfilled.

Duell Financial Strategies will work with you to navigate the complex process of estate planning by helping you decide on the correct method and implementation. We’ll even help you with the constantly changing tax laws, protecting your wishes, and ensuring your assets are transferred safely.

Charitable Giving

Crafting a charitable gift plan may provide you with multiple tax breaks such as: an income tax deduction, the avoidance of capital gains on highly appreciated assets, and no estate taxes on charitable contributions upon your death. With an expected tax increase in coming years, there may be compelling reasons to integrate philanthropy into your financial and estate planning.

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